Meet VIP Olivia Diamond!

Please provide as many details as possible when contacting me. Introductions without sufficient information will be overlooked. The quickest, easiest way for me to get to know you is to fill out my secure booking form. In order to secure my companionship, Verification is necessary. I understand that sharing your personal information can be a little unnerving. That being said, I hope you sincerely understand that discretion is of the upmost importance to me. Likewise, so is my safety and security


You may also reach me directly at

Kindly be sure include the following:

  • A short, personal introduction

  • Two independent, reputable provider references (include her email and website). A Valid Photo ID. Verified Instagram (blue checkmark), or Linked-In with 500+ Connections. Email for additional options.

  • When/Where would you like to meet?

  • How long would you like to enjoy together? (A minimum of 2 hours is recommended for new friends)



Am I obligated to provide my identifying information?

Contrary to many peoples beliefs, I believe the only thing you are obligated to do, is die. You are never obligated to verify who you are to me. However, under NO circumstance will I meet anyone that is NOT verified. Verification is quite simple. Complete the Meeting Form linked above. I will NEVER share nor store your identifying information.




Are you able to come to me?

I am more than happy to come to you. This is also known as an outcall. Outcall fees vary from Complementary to a flight. Outcalls within a 15 minute drive can be booked at a minimum of 1.5 hours. Within 30 minutes 1.5hrs; and within a 1 hour drive, 2hrs minimum. Outcalls that are in a neighboring city (1-2 hour flight) require a 5-6 hour minimum plus the expense of flight and Uber. Outcalls requiring a 3-4 hour flight are available for a 12 hour minimum. For Outcalls outside of these ranges, please email me.




Will the session be rushed?

Our time together is never rushed. I enjoy my position and it is my pleasure to make sure you are aware of this. Our exchange is for time that will always be honored. 

How should I conduct myself?

First and foremost, I expect you to be yourself. When we meet, all judgement goes out the window and we are emerged in our own little tryst to Vegas. What happens between us stays between us. I of course expect you to maintain optimal hygiene, and a respectful and gentleman-like/ lady-like demeanor. Please ensure that my Largesse (google it) is placed in a visible area upon meeting. Please keep in contact and be aware of the fact that cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to our meeting will incur a 50% cancellation fee. In basic, treat me as you would like me to treat you (excluding BDSM punishments).




Are you available for international travel?

I would love an international tryst with you. Please complete the Meeting Form, International travel requires a 24 hour booking minimum and 48 hours notice minimum. A Deposit of 40% is also necessary. 




Do you maintain an incall?

I maintain an incall wherever I am touring or based.