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Making your Dreams your Reality

The idea of Heauxnomics was formed on October 21, 2019. After receiving a consistent influx of inquiries from new and established sex workers, we decided to create a company that provides definite solutions. For most entering the industry the goal is MONEY, and FAST preferably.

In the beginning it's either amazing, because you're suddenly making more money or, it's shitty, because you realize it's not nearly as "easy" and glamorous as you thought it would be. Either way, at some point you hit a plateau and you need help taking your business to the next level. That’s where we come in.

We offer Mentorship & Coaching Packages, Troubleshooting Calls, Marketing Planning, Budget & Investment Planning, Custom Websites, Weekly Online Classes, and In-Person Workshops. All Results are Money-Back guaranteed. So, feel free to browse our plans and solutions. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email.


Online Courses

A Step by Step Solution to Your Business Needs
(Each Course includes Multiple Video Lectures, Worksheets, and Quizzes)

Getting Started


  • Defining Your Why

  • Outline and Detail Your Personal Goals

  • Create a Budget and Savings Plan

  • Starting Where you are with what you have

  • Getting Stable & Consistent

  • Leveling Up & Fast Tracking your Success

  • Creating a Plan of Action

Marketing & Growth


  • How to Price Yourself

  • Developing a Brand

  • Refining Your Brand

  • Marketing Strategy & Budget

  • Documenting & Legitimizing Income

  • Improving Your Brand

  • Client Retention 

  • Maximizing Your Profit

Exiting on Top


  • Fulfilling Your Why

  • Creating an Exit Plan

  • Exiting with a Similar or Better Income

  • Balancing Vanilla & Heaux Life

  • Damage Control

  • Transitioning back to a " Normal Life"


Specialized Sessions & Rates

Change Your Life

Silver Plan

You Earn $3.5K+/wk

  • 2X Week Troubleshooting Call (1 hr)

  • 10 Text Questions/ Week

  • Deluxe Website w/ Updates

  • Bi-Monthly Marketing & Budget Call

Gold Plan

You Earn $5K +/ wk

  • 2X Week Troubleshooting Call (1 hr)

  • Unlimited Text Questions

  • Diamond Website w/ Updates

  • Weekly Marketing & Budget Call

  • Unlimited Touring 101 Classes

  • Unlimited Sugaring 101 Classes

  • Unlimited Screening 101 Classes

Schedule a Session

VIP Diamond Plan

You Earn $7K +/ wk

  • 3X /wk Troubleshooting Call (1 hr)

  • All-Inclusive Curated Monthly Video & Photoshoot

  • Unlimited Text Questions

  • Diamond Website w/ Updates

  • Bi-Weekly Marketing & Budget Call

  • Unlimited Touring 101 Classes

  • Unlimited Sugaring 101 Classe

  • Unlimited Screening 101 Classes

  • Unlimited Digital Marketing Services

  • Screening & Booking

Three Women

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

Maya Angelou


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