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I greatly appreciate your interest in spending time with me. My preferred minimum for all connections is 2 hours. Bon Appétit!




L'Apéritif (90 MIN) *                         S$ 1,000               

Hors d'oeuvre (2 HOURS)*        S$ 1,400             

Plat Principal (3 HOURS)                 S$  1,800                                      

Digestif (6 HOURS)                            S$  3,000      

Le Dîner (8 HOURS)                          S$  4,000       

Petit Déjeuner (14 HOURS)             S$ 6,000       

Weekend (2 DAYS/ 48 HOURS)     S$  8,000       

Weekly Exclusive (7 DAYS)                S$15,000     

MONTHLY EXCLUSIVE                Inquire

* Minimum for NEW Friends

 * Minimum for Old Friends

Additional Day(s):  + 2,000/day 

In Date Extension:  + 800/hr  

Outcalls: Require a 90 minute minimum with Uber to and from upscale residences or hotels ONLY. 

Cancellations within 48 hours require a 50% inconvenience fee and discourage me from rescheduling. Deposits are non-refundable and only transferable when rescheduled more than 48 hours in advance. 

Please review my calendar for my availability.

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