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Genuine GFE

A Genuine Girlfriend Experience is one of sincerity, passion, and intimacy. Our time together teases the mind and builds arousal through excitement, titillation, and genuine connection.


For Dates exceeding those listed, feel free to join my Members ONLY Page.

Members ONLY

Hors d'oeuvre (3 HOURS).         1,800

Lets Relax together over drinks and hors d'oveuve (90 minutes) and enjoy a brief rendezvous (90 minutes).


Plat Principal (4 HOURS)            €2,000 

Let's indulge in a proper dinner (2-3 hours), followed by devouring Me for Dessert. Yum...


Digestif (6 HOURS)                     €2,500 

A nightcap to remember... Let's go for a public dinner and show (4 hours), and replicate our own in private. 


Petit Déjeuner (14 HOURS)        €4,000 

When a night cap is not enough and you also desire to hit snooze and replay the next morning. (6 hours of sleep desired)

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